Private groups

These treks will be suited to your group's schedule within horses' feeding times and previously made reservations. Feel free to ask for different options!

Gather a group of your own and have a memorable shared experience on horseback! On the forest trails we travel mostly at walk but depending on the group it is possible to try the smoothness of tölt, the briskness of trot and the speed of canter / gallop. The pace is determined by the least experienced or the most insecure rider, we want everyone to have a nice time. We rarely canter if there are beginners in the group. The starting time and total duration of the trek will be suited to your group's schedule. Even the shortest trail ride between lunch and afternoon coffee is sure to give energy and new ideas for continuing a meeting or training.

We can take a maximum of 3 to 5 riders on one trek, depending on the riders' experience and if the guides are riding or on foot. If there are more riders than we can fit into one group, we can arrange a few treks one after the other.

Riders should arrive at the stables 30 minutes before the starting time and have 15 minutes of time after the trek too, for finding and changing clothes and gear. The staff saddles the horses. The duration of the trek includes mounting the horses and necessary riding instructions before heading out on the trail. This usually takes around 5 to 15 minutes.

Icelandic horses are relatively small and therefore we have a weight limit of 95 kilos (210 lbs / 15 st). Children under the age of 12 may join the treks if they have had weekly lessons for a year or have otherwise gained enough experience to be able to ride different gaits independently. This requirement is flexible with private groups since we can fit the pace and route of the trek according to the youngest rider's skills. Remember to inform us if there are children under the age of 12 when making a reservation.


1 hour 50€ / person || 1,5h hours 65€ / person || 2 hours 80€ / person