Our stable is a home to ten Icelandic horses and one Shetland pony. We have suitable mounts for both experienced riders and total beginners. Click on the photos to see a bigger version!

Askur frĺn Sallerup "ASKO"
gelding, born in 2005 (Sweden)

Asko is a sturdy gelding with fast and pleasant gaits. Calm and trustworthy Asko is a favourite of many experienced riders but also a very reliable mount for beginners.

Meaning of the name: Askur is Icelandic and translates to ash tree. There's one in Norse mythology, a mythical tree called Yggdrasil.

photo © Kirsi Rantanen

Kjarndís frá Mykjunesi 2 "DIISA"
mare, born in 2004 (Iceland)

Although kind and friendly, Diisa has a bit of a temperament like many mares do and she likes to go fast. For these reasons she is mainly ridden by riders with some experience.

photo © Jenna Ranta

Fjalar fra Uotkulla "FJALAR"
gelding, born in 2006 (Finland)

Fjalar is a big and calm gelding. He's fast when needed but knows when he can take it easy too. Well-suited for beginners and kids.

Meaning of the name: Fjalar is a horse-character in the book The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren.

Katrin fra Nevala "KATRIN"
mare, born in 2014 (Finland), owned by Taru Hautalainen

Katrin is a beautiful and sassy young mare. We often call her "princess". Only ridden by our guides because of her sensitivity and liveliness.

Glćra frá Grafarkoti "KLAARA"
mare, born in 2007 (Iceland)

Klaara is a very sociable and outgoing mare who likes to be petted! Plumpish and calm on the outside but fast and fiery when needed. Mainly ridden by riders with some experience.

Meaning of the name: Glćra is Icelandic and translates to crystal clear.

photo © Iida Kapiainen,

gelding, born in 2002 (Sweden), owned by Riitta Vossi

Niilo is the only non-Icelandic of the herd. This small but feisty Shetland pony doesn't do trail rides nor is he a suitable mount for kids because of his temperament. Therefore he is mainly a mascot!

photo © Johanna Lätti

Njördur frĺn Musö "NÖRTTI"
gelding, born in 2002 (Sweden)

Nörtti is a big and handsome gelding. He is calm and pleasant to ride but works best (and is mostly seen) as a lead horse on trails rather than with customers in a queue.

Meaning of the name: Njörđur an Icelandic man's name which translates to god.

photo © Mirka Pihamaa

Alfur frĺn Säläng "ODIN"
gelding, born in 2009 (Sweden)

Odin is a lively but gentle boy. Suitable for beginners as he is of a calm and easy-going type. Can think of little "pranks" for his rider but nothing too bad. Odin likes to tölt and has a very smooth canter.

Meaning of the name in mythology: Odin is an ancient Germanic god who was worshipped in continental Europe, England and Scandinavia. "The king of gods" and the god of royalty, war, wisdom and death.

photo © Kirsi Rantanen

Samverji frá Grafarkoti "SAMI"
gelding, born in 2007 (Iceland)

Sami is a sensitive gelding with stunning looks. He has very nice gaits with big movements and he likes to go fast. Mainly for riders with some experience but works fine on beginners too on slow-paced rides.

Meaning of the name: Samverji is Icelandic and translates to Samaritan.

photo © Kirsi Rantanen

Hákon Unnur "UNSKI"
gelding, born in 2013 (Finland)

Unski is a happy and forward-going little guy. He has four nice gaits but needs a little help from the rider in order to stay in one gait at a time... Besides his looks Unski has a little bit of pony in his temperament too and is therefore best suited for small experienced riders.

Meaning of the name: Hákon (or Haakon) is a Norwegian man's name which translates to high son. Unnur is Icelandic and translates to wave.

photo © Jenna Ranta

Frasi frá Lyngási "VIDAR"
gelding, born in 2000 (Iceland)

Vidar is a horse well-suited for many as he is moderately forward-going and very kind. He does however enjoy all things green that grow in the forest during the summer months and knows many tricks to get some despite the rider's best efforts.

Meaning of the name in mythology: Vidar (aka Víđarr), a son of Odin, is a god of vengeance and silence.


In memoriam

Horse friends no longer with us

Faxi frá Hlíđarbergi "BALDER"

kuva © Noora Saarinen

Gráblesi frá Vestra-Fíflholti "TOR"

Salka frĺn Vendel "SAGA"

kuva © Nelli Saarinen

Olís frá Hemlu "NJORD" / "NORTTI"

Öln frá Grafarkoti "NÖLLI"

Mósi frá Eystra-Fróđholti ”FREY”

Hćgfari frá Eystra-Fróđholti "RIMFAXE" / "RIMPINEN"

Bína frá Lćk 1 "BINA"

Gummi frá Mosfellsbć