Ride your worries away!

Trail riding is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful, pure Finnish nature. On horseback you relax and forget the worries of everyday life.

Icelandic horses are small but very strong and surefooted. They are gentle and calm natured but also very sensitive and forward-going when needed. This makes them perfect mounts for both kids and adults, from beginners to experienced riders. We have daily treks in a few different lengths and we arrange tailored treks for groups. We have riding options for children too. We are open all year round.

Our stable is located at the Vierumäki Sport Institute, midway between Lahti and Heinola. We are accessible by public transportation. Welcome!

What's new?

12th of November 2021

We don't accept card payments from 1st of December forward. We are also not sending invoices afterwards. Payment by cash or bank transfer upfront (ask for details if needed).

Our actions for preventing the spread of COVID-19

(updated on 14th of December 2020)
  • we wipe all the door handles, light switches, water taps and the payment terminal daily in the customer area
  • hand sanitizer is available and hands can be washed with water and soap as well
  • we avoid close contact with customers (when finding suitable gear and clothes and during other preparations before the ride) and don't come to work when feeling ill
  • we try to prevent having many people indoors at once. We only allow one person / party in the dressing room at once and the ones that are ready we direct to wait outdoors.
Luckily we spend most of the time outdoors with the horses and not that close to other people. As a customer we hope that you:
  • don't come to ride if you're having flu symptoms but get better at home instead
  • pay with a credit or debit card / mobile application (Smartum for example) if possible. We accept cash too but we try to avoid handling money.
  • don't bring other people with you (indoors especially). Only necessary escorts for children.

    We also recommend using your own gloves and a balaclava / hat under the helmet if you have them (and they have been washed after any previous horse stable visits, to avoid any horse diseases spreading). You can borrow gear and clothes from us too, but only balaclavas are washed between uses.